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Cambridge Infinitus Research Centre


Professor Clemens Kaminski and Professor Alan Tunnacliffe attended the Infinitus Innovation and Cooperation Forum held in Guangzhou in China, which brought together leading scientists in peptide and polysaccharide research from all over the world and included the senior managers from Infinitus and their R&D teams.  The event was attended by ca 400 people and offered perspectives on synergies between Eastern and Western medical practice and research, and was a great success.  Professor Kaminski spoke on recent research highlights from CIRCE, including exciting new findings on the antioxidant activity of candidate compounds derived from natural resources and their potential use in therapy.  

Professor Kaminski says 'The collaboration has been extremely valuable scientifically and culturally, and it is truly exciting to combine the expertise of Infinitus, as the global leader of herbal medicines, with ours in molecular medicine, and I am delighted to see the high quality outputs that this work is producing. It is a privilege to work with such an exceptional team of workers in the CIRCE research team.' 


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