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Infinitus Innovation and Cooperation Forum June 2018

last modified Jan 30, 2019 12:22 PM
Infinitus Innovation and Cooperation Forum June 2018

Infinitus Innovation and Cooperation Forum, June 2018

Professor Clemens Kaminski and Professor Alan Tunnacliffe attended the Infinitus Innovation and Cooperation Forum held in Guangzhou in China, which brought together leading scientists in peptide and polysaccharide research from all over the world and included the senior managers from Infinitus and their R&D teams.  The event was attended by ca 400 people and offered perspectives on synergies between Eastern and Western medical practice and research, and was a great success.  Professor Kaminski spoke on recent research highlights from CIRCE, including exciting new findings on the antioxidant activity of candidate compounds derived from natural resources and their potential use in therapy.  

Professor Kaminski says 'The collaboration has been extremely valuable scientifically and culturally, and it is truly exciting to combine the expertise of Infinitus, as the global leader of herbal medicines, with ours in molecular medicine, and I am delighted to see the high quality outputs that this work is producing. It is a privilege to work with such an exceptional team of workers in the CIRCE research team.' 

Alan Tunnacliffe, Infinitus, June 2018


Infinitus top management and business partners visit the CIRCE Centre in Cambridge (September 2017)

last modified Apr 12, 2018 03:01 PM

On 20 September 2017, a large delegation of business partners from Infinitus China visited the Cambridge Infinitus Research Centre (CIRCE).  The visitors included Infinitus CEO Lam Yu and the general manager of Product Development Department Jacky Hu.  In total there were ca 230 visitors in what turned out to be a very busy and stimulating event which included tours of the biology and laser laboratories at CIRCE and keynote lectures on research developments at CIRCE.

CIRCE Visit 2Professor Clemens Kaminski, Chief Scientist at CIRCE and Professor of Chemical Physics at CEB, opened with a historical overview of scientific discovery in Cambridge and then reviewed the vision and purpose of CIRCE as a world leading centre for research on bioactive peptides. He summarised the latest results which show exciting potential of lead compounds, to reduce oxidative stress and protein aggregation in cell models of neurodegeneration and ageing. Dr William Ma, Head of Science at Infinitus and co-chairman of CIRCE, briefed the delegates about the fundamental values on which the collaboration between Infinitus and the University of Cambridge is built how this initiative benefits both partners intellectually and culturally. Mr Jacky Hu, General Manager of Infinitus, then presented the overall vision of Infinitus and how co-operation with world leading institutions like Cambridge is vital in its strategy. 

CIRCE Visit 6


Later, the delegation took lunch in the old dining hall of St John’s College and were addressed by Professor Richard Prager, Head of the School of Technology, with a toast to the future of the CIRCE collaboration. 



CIRCE Visit 5​Students, PDRAs and technical staff at CEB did a wonderful job in supporting what turned out to be a logistically complex event and CIRCE directors Professors  Kaminski and  Tunnacliffe expressed their thanks for the extraordinary commitment of the many people who made the meeting the success it was.

CIRCE - INFINITUS Technical meeting (May 2017)

last modified Jul 12, 2017 10:07 AM

Researchers from the Cambridge Infinitus Research Centre (CIRCE), led by Prof Alan Tunnacliffe and Prof Clemens Kaminski, visited Guangzhou, China in May 2017 for their annual technical meeting with Infinitus (China) Co Ltd. The main objective was to discuss current progress and future directions to identify bioactive peptides and assess their therapeutic potential in age related disorders. CIRCE members met with the Infinitus R&D team, led by Dr William Ma, and collaborators from Guangdong Pharmaceutical University and South China University of Technology, led by Prof Zebo Huang and Prof Jiaoyan Ren, respectively.

Current efforts of the CIRCE team focus on the antioxidant and anti-aggregation activities of bioactive peptides derived from natural sources, such as walnut and sea cucumber, since oxidative stress and protein aggregation are two critical factors occurring during ageing. Prof Tunnacliffe gave an overview of cellular assays established by CIRCE researchers Dr Ajay Mishra and Dr Meng Lu to mimic physiological aspects of aging.  The cell models have been successfully used to identify promising antioxidant and anti-aggregation activities for some of the candidate peptides. Prof Kaminski proposed the future vision of developing a high content screening platform at CIRCE, based on fluorescence lifetime imaging technology developed in his group, to accelerate CIRCE’s capabilities to test peptides or small molecules at the cellular and organism levels. Profs Huang and Ren groups presented their work on genomic and proteomic approaches in model organisms, providing the leads for future molecular mechanism studies performed at CIRCE.

In another technical seminar, open for other Chinese business leaders and Infinitus R&D engineers, Profs Kaminski and Tunnacliffe gave plenary lectures to provide the scientific background for the methods and technologies developed and deployed at CIRCE. Drs. Mishra and Lu presented details on their cellular assays and the principles behind fluorescence technologies to measure levels of reactive oxygen species or protein aggregation.

In addition to scientific discussions, the CIRCE team participated in outreach activities. Drs. Mishra and Lu visited two different primary schools in Guangzhou and talked about life as a researcher in the University of Cambridge, receiving tough questions in the process from the school children!

Ajay and Meng with year 2 students at Tianhe Hui Jing Elementary School, Guangzhou, China


In September this year, a delegation of business leaders from Infinitus will visit CIRCE to experience our state-of-the-art research facilities and, hopefully, to further strengthen our mutual partnership.

Dr Ajay Mishra appointed as Head of Biology

last modified Jan 09, 2017 02:42 PM

Dr Ajay Mishra has joined the Cambridge Infinitus Research Centre (CIRCE) team as the new Head of Biology. His goal at CIRCE is to investigate the molecular regulation underlying proteostasis and its role in ageing and neurodegeneration.

Ajay obtained his D.Phil. in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford where he studied the molecular regulation of chromosome segregation during cell division. Later, in his post-doctoral research at CRUK-Cambridge Institute and King's College London, he investigated the molecular mechanisms of stem cell differentiation and tissue homeostasis in human skin by proteo-genomic approaches.

1st CIRCE research meeting

last modified Oct 04, 2016 11:49 AM

CIRCE (Cambridge Infinitus Research Centre) has held its first research meeting in the new Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology building in Philippa Fawcett Drive, on the West Cambridge site. Representatives from Infinitus visited Cambridge on 20th September 2016 and met current CIRCE staff to discuss research achievements and plan future programs. The meeting was held in the sparkling new Board Room in the new CEB building, where the main office and teaching block is now complete.


The CIRCE team and delegates from Infinitus posed in front of the plaque which will be positioned in the new CEB building outside the CIRCE labs, the result of a collaboration between the University of Cambridge and Infinitus (China). The collaboration aims to uncover molecular functions associated with naturally derived compounds.


International Academic Exchange Meeting

last modified Sep 27, 2016 10:41 AM

An International Academic Exchange Meeting took place in Guangzhou, to celebrate the opening of the new Infinitus R&D Centre, and to exchange between researchers from different areas. Prof Tunnacliffe and Prof Kaminski presented recent data to Chinese colleagues.

Visit to the new CEB Department

last modified Sep 17, 2016 07:19 PM

In July 2016, representatives from Infinitus visited the lab and office spaces in the new Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, which are being finalised at the West Cambridge site.


Opening of the New Infinitus R&D Centre

last modified Jul 12, 2016 03:52 PM

Infinitus (China) opened the new R&D Centre in Guangzhou. Representative from CIRCE joined the celebrations and visited the new laboratories.